Lactoferrin Lab.
Lactoferrin Ginger

ショウガとラクトフェリンの美容エナジーを凝縮 女性のキレイを支えてあたたかでハリのある毎日に

Lactoferrin supplement for beauty and health.

Supporting your beauty and health in your active every day life.
Lactoferrin reaches your small intestine for a full effect.


Lactoferrin (Milk), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Shellac, CMC-Ca, Sucrose Ester, Arginine, Sorbitol, Lactos, Ginger Extract

Not only for diets!
Lactoferrin supplements beauty and health - easy to follow without extra efforts.

Lactoferrin is a functional protein which exists in our body and plays an important role protecting it from external stimulus, but is produced in decreasing quantities as we age. With Lactoferrin Ginger you can supplement that decreasing quantity, delivering the weak against heat and acid lactoferrin completely into your small intestine for the best results.
You can get up to 300mg of Lactoferrin with 3 tablets per day.

Delivering Lactoferrin right to where it takes full effect.
A unique coating technology that delivers its content to your small intestine.

Lactoferrin will naturaly melt due to strong stomach acids, decomposing any carrying nutrients at your stomach. By adopting our unique coating technology, SARAYA is able to deliver Lactoferrin right to your small intestines without being destroyed, permitting a full absorption into your body.
When Lactoferrin capsules reach the small intestine, the coating covered capsules melt and Lactoferrin gets absorbed.

How to use :

Swallow whole, do not chew. Take 3 tablets per day.

Cautions :

If you have food allergy to any of the ingredients, do not eat this product.
Pregnant women and those who take any medicines, please consult your doctor.
In case of any problem, please stop using the product.
Please follow the stated guidelines.
Overconsumption may cause temporary bowel problems.
Due to being made with natural ingredients, color may change in some cases, but there are no problems in terms of performance.
After opening the package, tighly close the bag after each use and consume as soon as possible.
Please keep it out of reach of children.
To avoid decoloration, Please keep it away from places with extremely high or low temperatures, or under direct rays of the sun.